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Ulefone Phones shop in Nairobi,Kenya

Starmac Technologies Ulefone Phones shop in Nairobi is a trusted Ulefone Phones dealer in Kenya. We strive to ensure you get the best prices and product quality from the best among Ulefone Phones suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ulefone Phones Price List in Kenya (2021)

Ulefone Phones in Kenya Price in Kenya
Ulefone Armor 9 58,000.00
Ulefone Armor 7E 28,999.00
Ulefone Note 11P 17,999.00
Ulefone Armor 8 17,500.00
Ulephone Armor X8 15,500.00
Ulephone Note 9P 13,500.00
Ulefone Armor x5 12,999.00
Ulefone Note 10 10,999.00
Ulefone Armor X3 10,000.00
Ulefone Armor X6 8,500.00
Kindly Note: Prices are subject to Change without Prior Notice.