Xiaomi Smart Camera C200

  • 1080p High Definition
  • 360° Panorama
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • AI Human Detection
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KShs 5,500.00

Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 Price in Kenya

Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 Price in Kenya is Ksh. 5,500. The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is a security device that has a 1080p camera capability that can rotate 360° horizontally and 106° vertically. You can view recorded videos or a live stream in the Xiaomi Home app or on a connected device.

Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 Detailed Description:

1080p Full HD

The clarity of this camera is enhanced by 1080p Full HD. Even backlit images seem crisp and detailed thanks to WDR support, 1080p Full HD, and 2.0-megapixel resolution. You can also get the Mi 360° Camera which offers similar clarity or the 2K Mi 360° Camera Pro.

Panoramic 360°

The Camera Features a dual-axis pan-tilt-zoom motor, with a 360° horizontal viewing angle and 106° vertical viewing angle.

Night vision

Sleep undisrupted with no visible red glow at night and no visual pollution. 940nm infrared light for clearer night-time images. Night vision comes with no visible red glow for clearer and safer monitoring so that you are more than 98% secure.

Connect to other smart home devices

You can view a live feed or historic videos captured by the camera in the Xiaomi Home app or on a connected device such as the Mi Smart Clock. The company claims that H.265 video encoding technology helps to reduce the space required to save videos by 50%. Plus, you can use the camera for two-way calling thanks to a built-in microphone. The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is compatible with the Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart home systems.

AI Human Detection

The all-new AI human-detection algorithm provides faster contour detection and automatic tracking and recording, while effectively filtering false alarms for improved accuracy.


You can place the camera on a table or mount it to a wall or ceiling. The white gadget can operate in temperatures from -10 to 40 °C (~14 to 104 °F); Xiaomi notes that the camera should not be placed in a position where it could be exposed to water, as this could damage the device.