Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10

Comes with a 2.5 liter dust collector
• The dust collector has 2 water tanks for good water and waste water for use in mopping floors and washing clothes.
• Can wash clothes and blow dry with hot air in 2 hours.
• 2-piece rotating mop system for more efficient mopping.
• Lift the fabric by itself when on the carpet. and automatically increase the suction power
• Maximum suction power 4000 Pa
• There is an AI + 3D system that can detect obstacles better.
• Product size ‎37.7×46.5×41.7 cm.
• weight 10.6 kg


Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 in Kenya

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With this flagship of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum series, your home is always clean! This robot vacuum with 4,000 Pa of suction power excellently cleans floors of dust and pet hair. The high-speed brushless motor provides unprecedented suction, with the floating roller brush cleaning the floor in the meantime.

The 5200 mAh battery allows the vacuum to clean for up to 180 minutes, which also allows you to properly clean all the big houses at once. Furthermore, the X10 features a false sensor mechanism and smart edge cleaning and easily exceeds door thresholds and carpets up to 20 mm high.

2-in-1 vacuum cleaner design

With an electronically controlled 200 ml water tank, this unit offers up to 80 minutes of mopping time, distributing water evenly without leakage. It also supports 3 levels of water flow control, effectively thoroughly cleaning all floors in the home. So the Xiaomi X10 not only cleans but also makes the floors shine again!

LDS laser navigation technology

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 features the most advanced LiDAR laser navigation technology. This means the X10 performs a thorough scan of the house, creating an exact floor plan of all rooms. The robot vacuum can also store a floor plan of multiple floors.

After the map is created, this smart vacuum cleaner creates a cleaning plan based on the floor plan, where you can set the cleaning time, area, surface and frequency. For example, some rooms need to be cleaned more thoroughly than others, and some prefer daytime rather than evening. Make your own plan and keep the house clean at your convenience.

The vacuum also uses the LiDAR system accurately in the dark, so it won’t bump into your furniture or fall down the stairs at night either. The X10 automatically reduces speed when it detects obstacles.

Automatic waste station

Is the disposable bag full? Then the vacuum does a pit stop at the amazing dual-channel waste station with a suction power of 17,000 Pa. This unit features dual channels with efficient dust collection. The disposable 2.5-liter bag, suitable for up to 60 full cleanings, has a drawstring that closes automatically to keep all the dust inside. This keeps everything really clean and prevents dust, pet hair and allergens from returning to the air.

Easy operation

You control the vacuum cleaner via the Mi Home application on your phone or via voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This is how you organize your cleaning and monitor your progress, both at home and on the go. You set a cleaning schedule to let the vacuum cleaner work only at times you like. In the app you will find the floor plan you created, so you can work with different settings per room. Or you can manually direct the vacuum cleaner to a location!

    • 4,000Pa suction power to get everything really clean
    • 5200 mAh battery for 180 minutes of use
    • LDS laser navigation technology: creates a map of your rooms
    • Control via Mi Home or voice control
    • Automatic unloading station