Visico FSD-500 Quick Ball (50 cm)

  • Bayonet: Bowens
  • Diameter: 50 cm
  • Made of professional photographic material
  • Soft light effect
  • Standard color temperature
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KShs 8,299.00

Visico FSD-500 Quick Ball (50 cm)Visico FSD-500 Quick Ball (50 cm) in Kenya

The Visico FSD-500 Quick Ball (50 cm) Price in Kenya is Ksh 8,299. Unique high-quality spherical softbox Visico FSD-500 Quick Ball with a diameter of 50 cm and made of professional photographic material.

The built-in spokes of the softbox are made of strong and flexible polymer, which allows you to fold and unfold this softbox a large number of times.

The thought-over design allows to collect and disassemble a softbox easily therefore it is possible to take it all with itself for exit shooting.

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