UGREEN 100W GaN 4-Port USB Wall Charger

  • Up to 100W of Power Output
  • 1 x USB-A & 3 x USB-C Ports
  • PD, QC, PPS, SCP & FCP Fast-Charging
  • Built-In Charging Protections
  • Travel-Friendly Fold-Out Plug

KShs 8,900.00


UGREEN 100W GaN 4-Port USB Wall Charger in Kenya

UGREEN Nexode 200W GaN II 6-Port USB Desktop Charger Price in Kenya is Kshs.8,900 .Charge all of your devices from a single outlet when you use the 100W GaN 4-Port USB Wall Charger from UGREEN. When plugged in, this wall charger gives you the ability to charge up to four devices at the same time from its one USB-A and three USB-C ports. Up to 100W of power is available to recharge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, and more. Support for PD, QC, PPS, SCP, and FCP protocols allows for fast charging, and integrated protections help to keep those devices safe while connected.Buy UGREEN 100W GaN 4-Port USB Wall Charger at the best price in Kenya from Starmac.

Safe Charging
Integrated circuitry is built into the charger to provide protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits.
Charging Configuration

The charger provides three USB-C ports (C1, C2 & C3) and a USB-A port, with power output varying depending on whether a single port is used, all four ports at once, or any combination in between.

Single Port


  • C1: Up to 100W (PD)
  • C2: Up to 100W (PD)
  • C3: Up to 22.5W (PD)
  • A1: Up to 22.5W/18W (SCP/QC)


Two Ports


  • C1+C2: Up to 65W+30W (PD)
  • C2+C3: Up to 65W+22.5W (PD)
  • C1+C3: Up to 65W+22.5W (PD)
  • C1+A1: Up to 65W (PD)+22.5W/18W (SCP/QC)
  • C2+A1: Up to 65W (PD)+22.5W/18W (SCP/QC)
  • C3+A1: Up to 10.5W/5V/2.1A (Shared)


Three Ports


    • C1+C2+C3: Up to 45W+30W+22.5W (PD)
    • C1+C2+A1: Up to 45W (PD) + 30W (PD) + 22.5W/18W (SCP/QC)
    • C1+C3+A1: Up to 65W (PD) + 10.5W/5V/3A (Shared)
    • C2+C3+A1: Up to 65W (PD) + 10.5W/5V/3A (Shared)


All Four Ports


    • C1+C2+C3+A1: Up to 45W (PD)+30W (PD)+10.5W/5V/3A (Shared)