Triopo mars 200

Color Temperature 3200-5500.
Dimension 380-135*220.
Brand Name triopo.
Model Number MARS 300Bi.
Power 300W.
Voltage 110-240V.
Weight 2.6 kg.
Special Feature PORTABLE.
Product Name LED Ring Light.
Color Black.
CRI 95Ra.
Shape Square.
OEM Accept.
Power 300W.

KShs 24,500.00


Triopo mars 200 in Kenya

Triopo mars 200 Price in Kenya is Ksh 24,500. The main body of the fill light housing is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy and uses a hard anodized surface treatment process.

The led video light adopts a double U-shaped design, a U-shaped bracket structure, which can provide stable support and fixation for the fill light, and can ensure the adjustment of the fill light direction of it; Another U-shaped design is the U-shaped enhanced heat dissipation structure of the light.

The MARS series adopts the third-generation honeycomb self-priming heat dissipation structure. Through the honeycomb holes at the top and bottom, we can see the huge metal heat sink inside. It is TRIOPO’s Hyper-Threading Performance Core Thermal Pad.
There are also two powerful silent cooling fans on the top and bottom of the radiator. Combined with the CNC casing, it can ensure 24 hours of uninterrupted full power and lasting output. Even if it works continuously for a long time, the heat dissipation of the fill light is very quiet.

The back of the light has a power switch, an AC power interface and a fused interface. Click the switch button, turn on the fill light, and the screen lights up, there are two knobs under the screen, CCT is to adjust the color temperature, the Color Temperature of M200D is 5600K, and NT is to adjust the brightness, the brightness adjustment range is 5%-100%, supports stepless Adjustment.
The CRI and TLCI indices of Triopo MARS M200 are both greater than or equal to 96, and the CQS is greater than or equal to 95, providing a high degree of color reproduction for shooting images.

There is a protective cover in front of the lamp beads to prevent damage during transportation.
When adjusting the color temperature and brightness, the screen will display the color temperature value and the percentage of brightness.Buy Triopo mars 200 at the best price in Kenya from Starmac.

Brand ‎Triopo
Manufacturer ‎China
Model ‎MARS 200
Output Power 200W
Luminance 18000 LM
Rotation Angle ‎180 degrees to adjust the Rotation Angle
of the Lamp Body
Cooling Fan ‎Active cooling, U-shaped Cooling Structure
Color Temperature ‎5600K+200K
CRI/TLCI/CQS >95 / >96 / >95
Adjustment Range ‎5%-100%
Remote Control ‎2.4GHz
Remote Control Distance 30 Meters
AC Voltage ‎AC 160~240V50/60Hz
Imported By ‎‎IMS Mercantiles, Pvt. Ltd., Toll-Free 1800-123-544-444
Country of Origin ‎China