RGB LED Soft Ring Light MJ56

Color rendering index> 90
Number of LEDs 168 pcs
Maximum power (W) 25
Model MJ-56
Cool color / warm color / natural color + RGB light
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Design and appearance
Ring diameter, outer 56 cm
Color white / white

KShs 10,000.00


RGB LED Soft Ring Light MJ56 in Kenya

RGB LED Soft Ring Light MJ56 Price in Kenya is Ksh 10,000.Buy RGB LED Soft Ring Light MJ56 price in Kenya from Starmac.

MJ56 Multi-color lighting will make any photo and video more interesting and bright! With such an accessory you can experiment with angles, colors, light intensity, control of lamp effects, distances and different perspectives.

Up to 15 different color modes – red, blue, green, pink, blue, light green + it all flashes, shines, flashes, shines smoothly and changes color

360 degree rotation is possible to adjust the angle. Durable plastic is used as the main material.

1. Size:

  • 22-inch MJ56: This is the most common size and offers ample space for illuminating your face or product during photography, streaming, or makeup application.
  • 10-inch MJ56: Smaller and more portable, suitable for close-up shots or when space is limited.

2. LED Count and Brightness:

  • High-count versions: Some MJ56 models have 320 or 512 LEDs, providing brighter and more even illumination.
  • Standard count: Others might have 160 or 268 LEDs, suitable for basic use in well-lit environments.

3. Color Modes and Control:

  • RGB with remote control: Offers various color options and effects alongside brightness adjustments via a remote controller.
  • Warm and Cool Light: Simpler models might only offer adjustable white light temperature (warm or cool tones).

4. Additional Features:

  • Phone holder: Some MJ56 lights include a built-in or attachable phone holder for convenient camera positioning.
  • Tripod stand: Others might come with a stand for adjustable height and placement