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Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K

  • Ultra-silent design as quiet as breathing! More suitable for video.
  • Children photography – Soft light is more suitable for children photography, non-dazzling. Safe and cold light souce without heat and can be touched.
  • High CRI rating – Accurate colour temperature rating over 95.
  • Bright LED lamp bead long service life.
  •  Passed photobiological safety and led blue ray hazard testing.
  • Wireless remote control compatible (Power Adjustment Trigger Free included – VC-801TX)


GET Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K at the best price in Kenya from Starmac Technologies.

Visico LED-200T LED Light 5500K Professional High Quality Visico 200W LED Constant Daylight colour temperature Studio light With bowens S mount.The LED 200T is a light weight and small size LED Light. Soft diffuser included it is also very powerful,  equivalent to about 1500W in incandescent lighting.

The LED 200T is light weight and small size.
It is very bright and affordable .

Light Fixture
Color Temperature Setting 5500K
Dimming 17%-100%
Built-In LED
Luminous Intensity 9300
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Power Requirements 200W
Dimensions 3150g
Weight 360x130x130mm