oraimo SmartBulb Multiple Colors 6

Product Parameters:

Input Voltage: 130-270V 50/60Hz

Rated Power: 9W

Luminous Flux: 800 LM

Number:2 bulbs

Model: OH-BB01N

Kindly Note: Prices are subject to Change without Prior Notice.

KShs 1,800.00

oraimo SmartBulb Multiple Colors 6 Price in Kenya

oraimo SmartBulb Multiple Colors 6  Price in Kenya is Ksh 1,800. Whenever you travel or leave home, you can control your light bulbs remotely using the oraimo home app on your smartphone.

OH BB01 FB 2

16 Million Colors–Match Your Mood As You Like

Whether it’s activity day or party night, precise color control in oraimo home app helps make memories more meaningful.

OH BB01 FB 3

Sync with Music–Dance to the Beat

With Music Mode, you can set your lights to the beat of your favorite music. Add fun to your dance with lights of different colors.

OH BB01 FB 4

Easy to Setup–No Hub Required

No need for a hub or extra equipment. All you need is your smartphone, oraimo home app and a BT connection to start controlling your bulb from anywhere.

OH BB01 FB 5