HP 15 Core i7 7th Generation 1TB 8GB RAM


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15.6 Inch Display
Intel Core i7
1 TB Hard Disk
7th Generation
2GB RADEON Graphics


Out of stock

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The HP 15 Core i7 has a really solid build with Flex drastically reduce. The hinge is strong and the screen flex is minimal. With action claims on the interior HP has got rid of the boring clean black interior. That is a really great improvement in terms of spills and aesthetics. Talking about the ports of the HP 15, the left side has USB 2 port, a USB 3 port, a Jack Kensington lock and a DVD writer. Towards the right it got an SD card slot, USB 3, HDMI and power input.

On top of the screen is the webcam that can be used for Skype calls but make sure you are on the good lighting. The Bang & Olufsen speakers are really good with a loud output and decent bass. The keyboard of the HP 15 Core i7 is again well laid out but the keys are mushy and not clicking where it’s kind of spongy and isn’t well suited for most. Arrow keys are a little bigger. The keyboard is backlit but you’re stuck with a single color.

Moving on the trackpad is not great but a little improved when compared to the 522 DX. It is not suitable for smooth motion of the fingers. The left and right buttons are the worst part here because they are really mushy and they offer no clicky feel at all.

The display hasn’t changed a lot and it is again similar to the HP 15 22PX. Viewing angles are decent and the color reproduction is ok. This is not ICS anyways so don’t expect color grading work to be exceptional.

All of the hood it got core i7 6200 processor with GTX 980M Expo. This model of HP 15 Core i7 got 1 terabyte hard disk space. Games run at around 40 to 60 frames on average at medium settings. Don’t try to crank up the settings if you are playing any modern title. In terms of video editing 1080p video edits are smooth without any stutters but make sure again you’re plugged in cause continuous charge is definitely needed for the smooth video editing session. Overall it is a very good performer.

When using your laptop sword-like, it doesn’t make you uncomfortable because the heat is dissipated really well and it is dissipated through the back. Bachelet is also good as you get around fortify our usage time on a single charge. If you are doing some light tasks like maybe consuming media or something like that stay plugged in . The battery gives two hours of gameplay time but this depends on the game.


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