Oraimo Watch Fit OSW-18N

Screen Size: 1.57
BT Version: V5.1
Battery Capacity: 175 mAh
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Watch Size: 253mm * 30.3mm * 10.9mm
Weight: 40.6 g
Material: Zinc Alloy/PC/ABS

KShs 4,600.00


Oraimo Watch Fit OSW-18N in Kenya

Oraimo Watch Fit OSW-18N in Kenya is Ksh.4,600.Buy Oraimo Watch Fit OSW-18N at the best price in Kenya from Starmac.The Oraimo Watch Fit OSW-18N is a capable Oraimo Watch that pushes the limits of what a watch can do. Oraimo has provided people with a watch that can last over a week with a battery power of 175 mAh. Thanks to the new way to use the watch with no need to touch the screen. The watch comes with a 1.57-inch TFT which is bright thanks to the 200 pixels by 320 resolution display. Let us watch the features of the Oraimo Watch Fit OSW to see if it’s worth your money.

Design and Build

The Oraimo Watch Fit OSW looks like a tough watch because it is built with a 1.57-inch TFT LCD Display HD color screen. You can connect your Watch with an eSIM allowing you to communicate to your other devices. The size of the Oraimo Watch Fit OSW is 253*30.3*10.9mm making it perfect to fit in your arms.

One thing that you are going to love is the Oraimo Watch Fit OSW has up to 100 meters of water resistance with IP68 dust resistance making it a perfect smartwatch for exercising. Coupled on top of the fact that you get bright peaks that allow you to have a perfect display in whatever environment. Oraimo has ensured to design the display of the Watch Fit OSW that makes it easy for you to read key notifications even when the sun is super bright. The display of the Watch Fit OSW comes with a screen resolution of 200 x 320 pixels.

Water Resistant

The Oraimo Watch Fit OSW is designed to be water-resistant.  You can use your watch Fit OSW without having to worry about rain or splash destroying your watch. The IP68 that is built in Watch Fit OSW protects it against splash, water, and dust resistance ensuring that you exercise freely.

Battery Life

The battery of the Watch Fit OSW is a non-removable Li-Ion 175 mAh. This is a huge battery capacity that will last you for 7 days. Making the Watch Fit OSW the perfect companion when you are going for a backpacking trip or a triathlon. When you need to recharge the Watch Fit OSW, inside the box you are going to get a cable that will assist you to recharge your device.

Health and Fitness Features

Sports Modes

You get over 24 different sports modes with the Watch Fit OSW which allows you to automatically monitor every motion of your body and accurately record it. The Watch Fit OSW helps you to fully understand the movements in your body. The Watch Fit OSW also allows you to set daily exercise goals that will help you achieve your workout breakthroughs.

Accurate Heart Monitor

The Watch Fit OSW comes with innovative sensors that design intelligent systems used to monitor your heart rate for 24 hours. It equally measures and records your heart rate when you are resting and exercising with the Fit OSW. This helps you to understand the status of your exercise and gives you a better effect when training.

Blood Oxygen Monitor

My favorite feature is the fact that the Watch Fit OSW is able to detect your blood oxygen level. This will give you an indication that your health is doing well overall. With the blood oxygen data from Watch Fit OSW, you are able to understand the amount of oxygen being absorbed in your body.

Sleep Monitor

You are going to enjoy monitoring your sleep with the Watch Fit OSW. Get to see how deep and light your sleep time is with rapid eye movement. The Oraimo watch allows you to fully understand your sleep schedule so that you can adjust it and start sleeping better with the Oraimo health app.

Stay connected

You are able to make phone calls and send text messages with the Watch Fit OSW. You are also able to be notified when messages are coming in on your phone but it is out of reach. One thing that you are going to love with the Oraimo watch is the ability to easily reply to your friend’s messages with a single click. You can equally stream and listen to your favorite music and audiobooks even when you are at the gym.