Mi True Wireless Basic 2S

  • Brand: Mi
  • Design: In-Ear
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Charging Time: 1h
  • Charging Method: Type C, Qi wireless
  • Effective distance: 10 meters
  • Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Weight: 52g
  • Color: Black
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KSh 4,500.00

Mi True Wireless 2S in Kenya

The Mi True Wireless 2S price in Kenya is 4500 shillings. It features wireless in-ear headphones with quality amazing sound. Enjoy up to 5 hours of playtime after a 1 hours charge. Its charging method is on type C, Qi wireless and as they are wireless, they have Bluetooth connectivity of up to 10 meters effective distance. They weigh 52g making them light enough to walk around with.


The Mi True Wireless 2S is available in black color bearing different sizes thus allowing you to get them in the best fitting in your ear. It operates at 5.0 Bluetooth a similar version in Mi True Wireless Earphones Basic 2.and comes with Environmental Noise Reduction Technology thus better audio delivery. They come with a 43mAh battery each.


These Earbud weigh 4.5g thus making them light enough to wear them around. Depending on the size of your ear the buds come in sizes of small, medium, and large therefore you acquire the one that is most convenient for you.  The half in-ear design is so comfortable to your ear, therefore, giving you the chance to wear them for really long. There is a physical button on the outer side of these buds.


The Mi True Wireless  2S comes with a 14.2 mm speaker with Dynamic Coil. This is almost twice large compared to the 7.2 mm in Mi True Wireless Earphones Basic 2. This large speaker gives you full bass as well as a deep one, Environmental Noise Reduction Technology thus effectively reducing surrounding noise. Therefore, in noisy environments, you get high-resolution voice recognition and great call quality.  Further, the earbuds are upgraded bearing Dual-Core Chip with new binaural synchronous transmission technology. This gives you a simultaneous great sound signal on both buds. It also reduces sound latency as well as minimizes interference and a stable connection.


With 5.0 Bluetooth and customized with MIUI you are well assured of swift connectivity as that of the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro smartphone. This version is two times faster than the previous 4.2 version and enjoys stable connectivity. Even when you 10m apart you get proper connectivity.

Mi True Wireless  2S connects effectively whether using one or both. When using a single ear, you can connect seamlessly with the second one. With no hesitation, the pair resumes stereo sound without having to re-pair.

With the external button, you get to avoid misoperation of the earbuds as well as ease in navigation. By just pressing once on the button you are able to play or pause as well as answer or hang up a call. Further, by pressing and holding the button for approximately one second to reject an incoming call. On the other side pressing twice you turn on the voice assistant.

Once you launch the voice assistant on your mobile you can use it to help with your earbuds. With a friend you do not have to worry as you can have a single bud each, therefore enjoy the same audio.

Mi True Wireless  2S POWER

Mi true Wireless 2S offers you 24hours with the large capacity that these buds hold.  As their name states, they support Qi wireless charging as well as Type C.

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