Mi Smart Led Bulb

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Voice control
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Scheduled off and on
  • Smart app control

KShs 4,500.00


Mi Smart Led Bulb Price in Kenya

Mi Smart Led Bulb Price in Kenya is Ksh 4,500. With high-quality LED lamp beads, the eyes are fully protected. At the same time, the color temperature in 1700K and 6500K, 1600 million colors for choice .  GET Mi Smart Led at the best price in Kenya from Starmac Technologies.

Freely adjust the color brightness
Can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Let the light change with your needs. (5300K above lighting allows better concentration)

WiFi connection  
Built-in WiFi module, you can connect to the WiFi without Gateway and smart control it by mobile phone

APP lauguage setting
Change the language settting on your phone to English and then download Xiaomi Smart Home App, it will change the language of the APP to English as well

10W 800 lumens
9 watts of ultra-low power can provide 600 lumens of brightness

11 years lifespan
An average of 9000 hours of light decline with only 8%

iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android 4.4