Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite

Gyroscope & Visual-aided Navigation, Precise capture of your house layout
25 High-precision Sensors, Acute perception of complex environments
2,200 Pa Powerful Suction, Removes dirt from floors easily
450 mL Large-Capacity Dustbin, Holds more trash in one go
Zigzag Cleaning Path, Delivers more effective cleanings
Electronically-controlled Water Tank, Evenly dispensed water for a evenly cleaned floor
Cleaning Control at Your Fingertips, Controls remotely via app for effortless cleaning

KShs 30,499.00


Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite in Kenya

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite Price in Kenya is Ksh 30,499. Vacuum cleaner and mop in one with 2200 Pa suction power. Three cleaning modes and a visual navigation system enclosed in an ergonomic housing with a height of only 82mm.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite Specs and Price in Kenya

Advantages of the model from Xiaomi


    • Gyroscope and visually assisted navigation, precise mapping of the layout of your home
    • 25 precision sensors, perfect perception of complex environment
    • 2200 Pa suction power, easily removes dirt from the floor;
    • Large capacity 450ml waste garbage can, holds more waste in one go




    • Large capacity 450ml basket, is able to hold more waste in one go;
    • Zigzag cleaning path, provides more efficient cleaning;
    • Electronically controlled water tank, evenly dispense water for even floor cleaning
    • Cleaning control at your fingertips, remote control via app for easier cleaning



New navigation system and lens

With its new navigation system and ultra-wide-angle lens, the vacuum captures the layout of your home and its immediate surroundings with extreme accuracy.


Sensors that never let you down

Equipped with 25* high precision sensors. The vacuum cleaner captures real-time information about your home environment for smart and flexible cleaning.


Information you need to know

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite is a vacuum cleaner that constantly calibrates itself, providing a straighter path and more thorough cleaning. It is able to offer us flexibility in complex environments. Additionally, its features allow it to react and automatically turn around to avoid falling.


It will look into every corner of your home

With its clever design (81.3mm), the vacuum is able to clean under most furniture, including beds, cabinets and couches, removing hidden dirt without getting stuck.


Full control with Mi Home App – control where and when you want

Go to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app on your phone to remotely control the cleaning at any time, check the cleaning status in real time, and schedule the cleaning at any time. Buy Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite at best price in Kenya at Starmac.