Logitech Rally Mic Pod Mount

  • Anchors Mic to Table or Drop Ceiling
  • Keeps Cabling Completely Out of Sight

KShs 10,600.00


Logitech Rally Mic Pod Mount in Kenya

Logitech Rally Mic Pod Mount Price in Kenya is Kshs.10,600.The Logitech Rally Mic Pod Mount, in graphite, allows you to anchor your Rally Mic Pod to a table or drop ceiling in a way that all you see is the mic sitting in the mic receptacle. All cabling will be hidden from sight, coiled on the inside of the mount, resulting in a neat and professional appearance.

A hole will be required in your table or ceiling square, and the mount secures to the hole and provides a receptacle for attaching your Mic Pod. The table/ceiling surface can be up to 1.97″ thick. The hole in the surface can be from 1 to 2.6″ thick. If you’re making a new hole, it’s recommended to make it on the lower end of this range, as it will hold the threaded rod of this mount tighter.Buy Logitech Rally Mic Pod Mount at best price in Kenya at Starmac.