Logitech MK330

  • Keyboard + Mouse Combo
  • Wireless
  • Fast and Precise
  • Built for Comfort
  • Long Battery Life
Kindly Note: Prices are subject to Change without Prior Notice.

KShs 6,000.00

Logitech MK330 keyboard in Kenya

Logitech MK330 keyboard price in Kenya is 6000 Shillings. Logitech MK330 Keyboard and Mouse Combo are wireless. With 2.4GHz connectivity, you have a strong connection with a 10m range. This lets you operate your computer without you being near it. You also won’t have to deal with cables getting in the way of your work or limiting your workspace.

Logitech MK330 comes with a full-sized keyboard with a good travel distance between keys for fast accurate typing. The mouse fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is fast and precise. Logitech MK330 Keyboard and Mouse Combo do not need any installation software for you to use to start using it. Simply plug it and you will immediately start using it without the requirement of installing software for you to use it.

Logitech MK330 Keyboard and Mouse Combo come with long battery life. By utilizing Logitech energy-saving technology, you can use the keyboard for up to 2 years on a single battery and 12 months for the mouse. Logitech MK330 Keyboard and Mouse Combo let you have a mouse and keyboard sharing one port. With Logitech MK330 Keyboard and Mouse Combo, you have the keyboard and the mouse sharing the same USB receiver. This saves you an extra port that you can use for other things.

Logitech MK330 keyboard price and specs in Kenya

Price in Kenya Ksh. 6000
USB port Yes
Drivers Logitech® Options software offers the capability to reprogram your keyboard F-keys.
Dimension keyboard Height: 183.0 mm x Width: 446.3 mm x Depth: 20.5 mm
Mouse Dimensions Height: 99 mm x Width: 60 mm x Depth: 39 mm
Compatibility Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Weight keyboard 570g