Insta360 Flexible Adhesive Mount

– Flexible design that can be used on flat and curved surfaces.

– Strong 3M adhesive base for use in complex environments. Heat and humidity resistant.

– Comes with 1/4″ to 2-Prong Adapter for use with other accessories.

– GO 3 must be assembled with the Quick Release Mount.

KShs 5,999.00


Insta360 Flexible Adhesive Mount in Kenya

Insta360 Flexible Adhesive Mount Price in Kenya is Ksh 5,999.

1. Follow these instructions to use the Flexible Adhesive Mount:

a. Clean the base with a cleaning wipe before use. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and smooth.

b. If the sticky base detaches from the surface, it cannot be reused.

c. To ensure a strong hold, press and hold the product for 30 seconds after sticking to a surface.

d. Wait at least 24 hours after sticking to use it with a product.

e. If the 3-prong adapter becomes worn, apply the anti-slip ring for more security.

f. This product cannot be used with any selfie sticks.



2. The product should be mounted to a smooth, clean surface, such as glass, ceramic, plastic, painted surfaces, metal, etc.



3. Using this product on a highly curved surface may impact its performance.

Exercise caution using this product on a surfboard as due to the complicated environment, the camera is at risk of falling off.



4. The mount can be directly connected to a camera or used with a carbon fiber extension rod on a helmet. It cannot be used with any selfie sticks.



5. The mount is surface-treated to increase adhesion. Do not replace the double-sided adhesive by yourself.



6. Avoid DIY modifications or third-party accessories. Improper installation could cause damage to the product. Damage caused by improper use or not following the instructions is not covered under Insta360 warranty.