Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow K1 Reflector Kit

  • 16 Reflectors in Varying Sizes
  • Includes Tool and Cleaning Kits
  • Hard, Medium, Soft & Strip Diffusion
  • Aluminum-Coated Surface
  • Color-Coded Back
  • Lightweight Design
  • Rail Mounting
  • Includes Soft Carry Case

KShs 320,000.00


Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow K1 Reflector Kit in Kenya.

Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow K1 Assorted Cine Light Reflector Panel Kit price in Kenya is Kshs 320,000.

Unique Lighting Solution

The KNOWLED LiteFlow K1 Reflector Kit from Godox packs a complete set of 16 mirror-like reflectors with varying diffusion strengths, ranging from a hard to a soft light. They come in four different sizes, 3 x 3″, 6 x 6″, 10 x 10″, and 20 x 20″ to expand the potential of your lighting kit. The set is delivered in a soft carry case, along with the necessary accessories for mounting and cleaning your boards.

Cine Lighting Reflector System

The KNOWLED LiteFlow system is a unique solution to create indirect light. While other similar reflectors have been used for years, Godox’s cutting-edge reflection system accurately guides the light source to your desired positions. Made to cover a variety of environments and applications, the LiteFlow reflectors sport different diffusion levels, ranging from a hard to a soft strip ray of light.

Aluminum-Coated Surface

What really makes the LiteFlow stand out is a meticulously crafted aluminum-coated surface, which boasts an impressively low 3% loss of intensity. Another benefit is that light quality and accuracy are maintained with color rendering at 100%. Exceptional reflectance, precise control, and multiple beams of light are some of the features that make the LiteFlow system a cinematic lighting solution..Buy Godox KNOWLED LiteFlow K1 Reflector Kit at the best price in Kenya from Starmac.

Color-Coded for Quick Identification

Carefully crafted to improve your workflow on set, the LiteFlow system is color-coded on its back. Each color and number refer to a different diffusion and reflection type for quick identification.

  • Blue color/Number 1: hard light
  • Yellow color/Number 2: medium light
  • Green color/Number 3: soft light
  • Red color/Number 4: soft strip light

    Godox LiteFlow Price in Kenya

    Item Type
    4x Silver Reflector (2.8 x 2.8″ / 7 x 7 cm)
    4x Silver Reflector (5.9 x 5.9″ / 15 x 15 cm)
    4x Silver Reflector (9.8 x 9.8″ / 25 x 25 cm)
    4x Silver Reflector (19.7 x 19.7″ / 50 x 50 cm)

    price in Kenya

    18.1 lb / 8.2 kg (Overall)



Hard, Medium, Soft & Strip Light

Depending on the selected reflector board, the LiteFlow will give you different results with an extended light path and a natural falloff. Use the hard light diffusion to reflect tungsten sources or sunlight, the medium diffusion to work with direct light, the soft diffusion to create soft and natural shadows that are ideal for fill light, or the soft strip diffusion to alter the light’s beam into a strip shape.

Efficient Lighting Control System

This efficient system can redirect a single light source multiple times, so you probably won’t need a large number of additional fixtures or modifiers. The LiteFlow system is also useful in outdoor environments to reflect sunlight through a window to light up a subject in an interior space.

Easy Adjustments & Mounting

The LiteFlow’s lightweight structure significantly reduces your workload, making it easier to work with high-output fixtures from lower positions, and allowing for safe and effortless angle adjustments. Mounting is convenient with the sleek rail located on the back of the reflector. Additionally, reflectors with extended rails can be connected together with optional flexible arms.

Additional Information

There are a few precautions to help ensure the beneficial use of your LiteFlow. Godox recommends the use of gloves during handling to prevent any possible scratching. To ensure that the reflector will remain free from stains, it is recommended to clean it immediately after use.