Godox Beauty Dish (White 55cm/22″) Bowens mount

  • A beauty dish is a shallow parabolic disc that creates a semi-soft light with an edge of crispness
  • Not as soft as a softbox or umbrella, but softer than direct harsh light.
  • This beauty dish features a non-interchangle Bowens speedring attachment and is only compatible with monolights and speedlight brackets with a Bowens speedring mount.
  • The soft cover (diffuser cloth) is used to soften the light and simply attaches onto the from of the beauty dish with an elastic band
  • The honeycomb attachment is designed to focus the beam of light created by the beauty dish. With the honeycomb attached, you can reduce light spillage and create a dramatic, stronger beam of light.
  • Beauty dish creates natural-looking catchlights
  • Beauty dishes are often used for portraits to sculpt facial features.
  • The beauty dish, being metal, is a popular choice for outdoor photography and can withstand the abuse and tumbles of location work.

KShs 11,000.00


Godox Beauty Dish (White 55cm/22″) Bowens mount Price in Kenya

Godox Beauty Dish (White 55cm/22″) Bowens mount Price in Kenya is Ksh 11,000. A favorite of fashion and portrait shooters, the White 55cm Beauty Dish Reflector from Godox bounces the light off a centrally positioned deflector and is directed to fill the white reflector interior. The result is a signature soft look but with an edge of crispness (ideal for hair and makeup), that you can’t get from umbrellas and softboxes. For those who want a softer look, a diffusion sock is included. The reflector’s white interior renders a soft, neutral quality of light. An added bonus is the natural-looking catch lights that appear in the subject’s eyes. Optional accessories include a honeycomb grid to tunnel and direct the light output.

Included in the package

  • 55cm (22″) Godox White Beauty Dish Reflector
  • Diffusion Sock

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