Eufy Security – Motion Sensor

  • Protection That Lasts
  • Extensive Coverage
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • App Alerts
  • Link it Up
Kindly Note: Prices are subject to Change without Prior Notice.

KShs 3,499.00

Eufy Security – Motion Sensor Price in Kenya

The Eufy Security – Motion Sensor Price in Kenya is Ksh 3,500. From eufy, where privacy comes first. Comprehensive Safety Solutions for Your Home

Protects You, Your Family, and Your Privacy
Every eufy Security product is engineered to ensure your data is kept private. Keep a secure record of everything that happens around your home.

Customizable Detection
To prevent your playful pets from accidentally triggering the motion sensor, you can adjust the sensitivity so that it only triggers when human-sized intruders are detected.

Part of the Family
Adding the motion sensor to your existing security system is a breeze. Once installed, pair the device via the eufy Security app. Then, press the button on the motion sensor, and HomeBase will add the sensor to your existing security setup.

Instant Alerts:
As soon as motion is detected, the sensor will send an alert to your HomeBase (not included), which in turn will send an alert notification straight to your phone (eufy Security app required). Buy Eufy Security – Motion Sensor  online at best price in Kenya at Starmac.