Electric Turntable, Product Photography

Material: electronic components, PP

Size Chart:


Package Includes:

1 Display Turntable
1 USB Cable

KShs 6,999.00


Electric Turntable, Product Photography in Kenya

Electric Turntable, Product Photography in Kenya

Electric Turntable, Product Photography Price in Kenya is Ksh 6,999. The realm of product showcasing has been revolutionized by the advent of 360 turntable photography, a dynamic category that stands for capturing images in a full 360-degree spectrum. This innovative approach allows for a comprehensive view of the product, offering an interactive experience for potential buyers on platforms like Alibaba.com. Buy 360 Photo Booth at the best price in Kenya from Starmac.

Understanding 360 Turntable Photography

A 360 product photography turntable is a specialized device designed to create vivid and detailed product images. It’s a rotating platform that provides a stable base for products of various sizes, enabling photographers to capture every angle with precision. Unlike traditional photography, a motorized turntable for 360 photography automates the rotation, ensuring smooth and consistent movement for flawless image sequences.

Types and Materials

The market offers a diverse range of turntables, from a photography turntable large enough to accommodate substantial items to compact models for smaller goods. Materials used in these turntables include durable metals, robust acrylics, and advanced composites, catering to different product weights and sizes. The construction of these turntables ensures stability and longevity without compromising on the sleek design.

Features and Applications

Turntables like the electric turntable for photography and iconasys turntable come with features such as adjustable speeds and remote control operation, enhancing the user experience. These turntables are not only used for e-commerce but also for quality control, design, and archival purposes. The rotating turntable for photography serves as an essential tool for creating interactive content that can be used across various online platforms.

Advantages of Using a 360 Degree Photography Turntable

Employing a 360 degree electric rotating turntable in product photography offers numerous advantages. It provides a comprehensive view of the product, highlighting details that might be missed in static images. This can lead to a more informed purchase decision for the buyer. Additionally, the use of a photography rotating turntable can significantly streamline the photography process, saving time and resources.

Customization and Adaptability

The adaptability of a product photography rotating table is notable, with options to customize rotation speed and angle to suit specific photographic requirements. This flexibility ensures that a wide range of products can be showcased effectively, from intricate jewelry to large electronic items.