EcoFlow DELTA MAX 2000 – Portable Power Station (2400W, 2016Wh) – DELTA2000-UK

  • 2-6kWh expandable capacity for home backup
  • 2400W Output to power up to 13 devices
  • Power 3000W appliances with X-Boost on
  • Charge 0-80% in just 65 minutes
  • Solar charge in as fast as 2.5 hours
  • Smart App control

KShs 279,499.00


EcoFlow DELTA MAX 2000 in Kenya

EcoFlow DELTA MAX 2000 – Portable Power Station (2400W, 2016Wh) – DELTA2000-UK Price in Kenya is Ksh 278,499. Backup your home during power outages with DELTA Max portable power generator. With an expandable capacity that reaches up to 5644Wh, dual charging, and the ability to power your home devices, you can stay powered on in any situation. Buy EcoFlow DELTA MAX 2000 – Portable Power Station (2400W, 2016Wh) – DELTA2000-UK at the  best price in Kenya from Starmac.

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Need even more energy?
Expandable with up to two Extra Batteries for a whopping 6048Wh, you can power many home appliances, even through extended outages.

ECOFLOW Delta Max 2000 19

Harness the power of the sun.
DELTA Max lets you plug in up to 800W of solar power to recharge in as little as 3.5 hours.

ECOFLOW Delta Max 2000 20


Q1: What devices can the DELTA Max(2000)’s AC output port power?

A: With 2400W rated power, the DELTA Max(2000)’s AC output port can power most household appliances. It can support even 2400W appliances with X-Boost on. Before you use it, we recommend that you confirm the power of the appliances first and ensure the power sum of all loaded appliances is lower than the rated power.

Q2: How long can the DELTA Max charge my devices?

A: The charging time is shown on the product’s LCD Screen, which can be used to estimate the charging time of most appliances with stable power usage.

Q3: How does the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) work?

A: When your portable power station is plugged into the wall, any electronics plugged into it are powered from the grid and not its battery. When power from the grid stops, as in a blackout, the power station automatically switches to battery power within 30ms.

Q4: How many pieces solar panels could I connect with it?

A: 1. The standard solar panel (400W) supports up to 2 in series.

2. For non-standard solar panels, if it is a solar panel with the wattage lower than the standard 400w, the voltage and current can be used in series at 11-100V DC 10A. According to the specific parameters, it can be connected in parallel or in serial connection, but usage of solar panels with different wattages is not recommended.

Net Weight: Approx. 48 lbs (22 kg)
Dimension: 19.6 x 9.5 x 12 in (49.7 x 24.2 x 30.5 cm)
Charge Temperature: 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)
Discharge Temperature: -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C)
Charge Method: AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel, Smart Generator, Smart Extra Battery
Full Recharge Time:1.6 Hours (AC) 21 Hours (12V Car Charger) 5.6-11.2 Hours (Using 4x 110W Solar Panels) 4.2-8.4 Hours (Using 4x 160W Solar Panels) 3.2-6.3 Hours (Using 2x 400W Solar Panels)
Capacity: 2016Wh
Cell Chemistry: NCM
Cycle life: 800 Cycles to 80%+ capacity
Management Systems: BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection
Testing and Certification: CE WEEE CTP RCM KC
AC Charge Input (Power): X-Stream charge (2000W max)
AC Charge Input (Voltage and Amperage): 220-240V~50Hz/60Hz, 10A
Solar Charge Input: 11-100V 13A Max, 800W max
Car Charge Input: Supports 12V/24V Battery, Default 8A
AC Output (x4):Pure Sine Wave, 2400W total (surge 4600W), 230V~ (50Hz/60Hz)
Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost: 3000W
USB-A Output (x2): 5V 2.4A, 12W max, per port
USB-A Fast Charge (x2): 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W Max
USB-C Output (x2): 5/9/12/15/20V 5A, 100W max
Car Charger Output (x1): 12.6V/10A, 126W max
DC5521 Output (x2): 12.6V/3A, per port
Smart Extra Battery: Supports up to 2 DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries (sold separately)
Smart Generator: Supported (sold separately)
Wi-Fi: Supported

ECOFLOW Delta Max 2000 21

2.AC Charging Cable
3.Car Charging Cable
4.DC5521 to DC5525 cable
5.User Manual

*The solar to XT60 charging cable is included only with purchase of EcoFlow portable solar panels.

• 1 Year Warranty*
* Warranty becomes null and void from electrical & power surges or power related issues.