• Detachable handle
  • 30 hours of endurance
  • Wireless charging
  • Three-step color temperature

KShs 3,999.00


Baseus portable lamp Price in Kenya

Baseus portable lamp Price in Kenya is Ksh 3,999. Baseus portable lamp redefines light to go beyond traditional single space lighting. Take advantage of subtle lighting when wandering around the house at night. The lamp can be an ideal solution when we need to look into the room with the child without waking him up.

 A smart solution

Grab the lamp Holder while the charging station is running and the lamp will light automatically. No more searching for a switch in the dark when we rush to a crying baby. The lamp is an ideal solution because its soft light does not wake the baby up, preventing us from putting it to sleep.

 More possibilities

The lamp Holder that we can hang it, which can be useful in a tent when camping, or when we do not have a bedside table near the bed.