Baseus I-Wok Series Screen Hanging Light

  • Asymmetric illumination.
  • Very high color rendering index (CRI) – 97.
  • Easy installation on the display unit.
  • Smooth and stepless setting of brightness and color of light.
  • No blue light emitted.
  • Powered by USB type-c port, all you need to do is connect to pc or phone charger.

KShs 7,000.00


Baseus I-Wok Series Screen Hanging Light in Kenya

Baseus I-Wok Series Screen Hanging Light Price in Kenya is Ksh 7,000.

A perfectly shaped lamp with a curved fitting points the stream of light at the angle of 45 degrees straight towards the desk and items on the desk, rather than PC screen. This protects against emergence of unpleasant-to-eye reflections.Buy Baseus I-Wok Series Screen Hanging Light at best price in Kenya at Starmac.

Illumination which perfectly reflects real colors

Baseus light perfectly reflects colors of natural light. CRI specifies how the light influences the perception of colors. The point of reference is sunlight being at the top of the scale with index – 100. Baseus lamp is known for Ra97 level, which allows very precise reflection of colors from the surrounding.

Precise adaptation of brightness and temperature of light

Stepless setting of brightness and color within the range from 3000K to 6500K. This is a perfect solution which allows you to freely and smoothly change settings, which is not the case in other lamps where adjustment is step-like.

Easy installation for everyone

Installation of the lamp on laptop housing takes a second and does not require any tools! All you need to do is position it in the clip and clench the upper frame of the screen (5-40 mm thick) – done!

Use at home and work

The lamp performs perfectly at work or home. Use the computer as you like and when you like, and do not let your eyes get tired and painful.