Baseus Car Air Freshner

Material: Aluminum alloy
Colour: Black/Silver/Blue
Install way: Clamping type
Fixed position: Air outlet
Suitable for: All car models
Smell:Fresh(Rose iris), Citrus(Colognes), Flowey flavor(Common Jasmin Orange)

KSh 2,999.00

Brand: Baseus Technology: Plating Fixed position: Air outlet Material: ABS+PC Colour: Black / Silver Both a car air freshener and a paddle Convenient to use and move, it can replace the air outlet paddle Safe for pregnant women, babies, children, and elders, it cares for every family member Thin paddle design not blocking the air outlet The thin and light paddle does not block the air outlet Low-key design that integrates with the car As a part of the car, it diffuses aroma without being eye-catching A patented design like a part of the car It has an original design and looks like a part of the car with the original touch of the car.

The Baseus Car Air Freshner Price in Nairobi,Kenya is Ksh 15,000.

Full metal mini aroma diffuser


Does not block your sight

Located at the air outlet, it does not block your sight

Does not leak easily

Solid fragrance is safer

Does not break easily

All-metal product, more durable

Newly updated appearance

Made of full metal alloy and designed to be compact

Zero alcohol, safer for use

Zero alcohol, no worry about potential explosion resulted from exposure under sunshine

One is better than three

Intensive odor decomposition

Smarter than superficial odor cover up

Applicable to pregnant women and children

Lasting for about 2 years

Careful concoction of flower-fruit essential oil, aroma more suitable for longtime use aboard

Mini design and easy installation

Long strip clamp with higher stability, easy installation and removal, and no damage to air outlet

Steps for usage

1.Insert a piece of perfume
2.Make the lid of fragrance close
3.It will be OK to install it on the vane of air outlet

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